Migrants and Refugees


My sometimes stark landscapes with text recount the hopes and fears behind the current human dispersion.   Refugees driven from their homes by drought, flood, famine, war and fear pass through lands where they will not remain.   these paintings unveil the dreams and dread of people facing an unknown future.

Refugee #1 through #5    2019 Acrylic on Floating Panel

24” x 36” x 2”

Migrant #1 through #4    2019

Acrylic on Floating Panel

18” x 30”

We are all individuals, yet part of a much larger system.    Can we set aside individual ego to consider ourselves as only a small part of the vast self-regulating organism called Earth?  This triptych hangs from grommets placed in the upper corners of the three sheets of heavy sized canvas.

I Am Ocean / I Am Island    2018

Acrylic on un-stretched, sized canvas

38" x 76"

The title ‘This Island Earth’ is from a 1954 sci-fi film about visitors from another planet.   They came to Earth seeking our scientific help, as their planet was running out of resources.     Though our Earth cultures seem separated and removed from one another, we are all residents of the one limited shared space of This Island Earth.

This Island Earth    2019

Acrylic on Canvas

42” x 80” x 3”

Emerge From Chaos 1 & 2    2020

Acrylic and Graphite on Floating Panel

18” x 30” x 2”