Welcome to the website of contemporary artist, Roger Rapp. 

    In his studio in the foothills above Denver, Colorado, Roger creates painted works in acrylics and constructed sculpture in mixed media. 

      It is art that is compelling on many levels.  It is visually potent and intellectually connective by borrowing from one frame of reference to inform another.

    To inquire about available works, to leave a comment for Roger, to schedule a studio appointment or to be informed about upcoming exhibitions please e-mail Roger Rapp here.mailto:rapp@qadas.com?subject=RpppCity%20inquirymailto:rapp@qadas.com?subject=RpppCity%20inquirymailto:rapp@qadas.com?subject=RappCity%20inquiryshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1