ruminations on a chromosome              2010


    Art is an expression of not only what we see of the physical world, but also of what we imagine it to be.  Before the artist lays a brush to canvas, the poet puts pen to paper, or a scientist formulates an hypothesis, the elements of that work may have been examined many times over in the mind. 

  We honor those that brought understanding and clarity to a subject.  We should also accept that there were many others that wrestled with the same information and came away with nothing.  New ideas always battle with accepted constructs and the quest for knowledge is sometimes a vexing and fruitless one.

Ruminations on a Chromosome #1 - #5          2010

Mixed Media on Masonite

36” x 24”

  Ruminations on a Chromosome explore the workings of the imagination, the venue of inquisitive thought, scenes from the ‘mind’s eye’ and the sometimes bumper-car experience of trying to visualize what one does not quite yet comprehend.