Nazca mandala                                             2010


The Nazca Mandala paintings are a response to a geometric glyph scratched 1,500 years ago onto the desert highlands of Peru by the long forgotten people of the Nazca Plains.  So large in scale that they can not be seen from the ground, their existence had fallen from the consciousness of man until the 1930’s when they were rediscovered from airplanes flying high above.  The glyphs reflect man's need to explore, document and maintain for posterity their metaphysical and physical concepts of the universe.

Nazca Highland Mandala      2010

Acrylic on Canvas

48 1/4” x 36”

This is a Google Earth image of the Nazca Mandala.

It is well over 100 meters across, located in the highlands above the Nazca Plains in Peru and only 1/2 mile from the Pan-American Highway.

    The Nazca lines reminded me of the sacred geometric symbols used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians   Like an archeologist or anthropologist, who finds a piece of bone or a shard of pottery that tells a story of the past,  I hope to convey a sense of adventure in these paintings, by delving into the mysterious world of ancient knowledge to understand how our thoughts may have been shaped through the ages.

Nazca Matrix    2010

Acrylic on Four Panels

24 3/8” x 24”

Mandala in Four Parts    2010

Acrylic on Four Floating Panels

32” square

Mandala 2      2010

Acrylic and Graphite on Panel and Masonite

25 1/2” Square

Mandala 1     2010

Acrylic and Graphite on Panel and Masonite

25 1/2” Square

Matrix 64    2010

Acrylic on Panel

16 “ Square